sábado, 2 de março de 2013

How should it be called?

We have lots of challenges to overcome, I guess. We don't know yet about basic things, those that would make life more beautiful and easier. And why not to say fresher, as well. But, we don't feel attracted for this. It seems to be more comfortable seeing life in a black and white way – a kind of an evil pleasure? – and then the world is divided in good and bad, and always according to our own view, or grounded in some strange or misunderstood teaching. Therefore, the other's viewpoint is always a threat, and has to be stuffy, some times, violently. So, it's not enough for us to live our own way of life, we get extremely afflicted, until we drawn up people’s lives, deciding how they have to live. We couldn't realize yet that all is in God and therefore, God is in all. That there is beauty in everything that seeks the good, even in those things that not fit in our standard of goodness. Does this thought should be called anarchism? Or should it be called love?

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